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January 1, 2007 Lotsa Noodles opened its doors in the commercial district of Northwest Oklahoma City. This is currently the most sought after commercial district in Oklahoma City. Lotsa Noodles Restaurant is a one of a kind restaurant in Oklahoma City dedicated to offering a multicultural and diverse menu of American, Asian and Italian pasta’s, soups, salad’s, sandwich’s rice dishes, pizza and more. Connoisseurs with a discerning palate, consider this establishment, a gastronomic, young, healthy and delicious restaurant that allows its customers to get closer to the flavors and aspects of American, Asian, and Italian fare.

The Creation of Lotsa Noodles as a pasta and more style restaurant was born out of the idea that great food and pasta could be served in a fast casual concept. It is not fast food, it is great fresh food made to order and delivered to the table. The owner and founder, Paulo Paes, defined Lotsa Noodles as a restaurant that quickly prepares your meal using fresh produce, fresh handmade ingredients, sauces and dressings made every day.  Paulo Paes said that “the only difference between Lotsa Noodles and a full service restaurant is the full service restaurants use white tablecloths and a waiter to serve your table.” Lotsa Noodles has delicious dishes served hot and fast to your table and no tip is required.

The working philosophy of Paulo Paes, is to provide a fresh and nutritious meal in a casual, quick and inexpensive concept. To do this, Lotsa Noodles has a menu featuring pasta in all its versions. Lotsa Noodles also features a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, rice platters and pizza made with love and spices at prices which do not put a huge dent in your income. Some of our customer favorites are the Pad Thai, Fettuccini Alfredo and the Mac & Cheese.  Lotsa Noodles menu is based on quality, super-size and variety that make each dish worthy of tasting.

The menu is divided into many sections: Appetizers, including ravioli, cheese bread and spring rolls which are fried rolls stuffed with carrots and cabbage served with sweet and sour sauce, American, Asian and Italian Pastas such as angel hair, bowtie, fettuccini, fusilli, penne, spaghetti, rice noodles, egg noodles, udon and even gluten-free noodles. We also feature several rice dishes such as the Thai Sweet n’ Spicy, Mongolian Beef and Thai Pao, all original dishes created here. Also included on the rice menu are dishes such as fried rice with chicken, shrimp or beef and if soup and a sandwich are what you are looking for, you can get that too. Lotsa Noodles has added an interesting and rich selection of desserts including Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, carrot cake, chocolate lava and Tiramisu.

Depending on taste and our guest’s health choices, ingredients may be added, replaced or removed from the preparation of each dish to make it their own. For guests who prefer Lotsa Noodles dishes at home, we also offer take out service which you can order anytime.  Similarly Lotsa Noodles offers catering throughout Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond and other nearby cities. Banquet service is available and our guests may choose from any item on the menu.

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